Why Choose Sober Living?

Transitional living during early sobriety can increase the likelihood of long-term sobriety. Studies have shown that a stable sober living environment can actually increase success rates and abstinence from substances.

Cornerstone sober living includes community and peer support where residents can find hope, strength and support from each other and engage in a new, purposeful sober life. Cornerstone residence offers safety and security during the most critical time in a substance abuser’s journey. It provides accountability to themselves, their roommates, and to their family.

Because a sober house has rules and regulations, residents can develop a new sense of structured independence, responsibility and accountability. Cornerstone can and will foster this growth by assisting a resident in learning how to manage money, develop new coping skills, find work, and secure education opportunities. Self-efficacy is a benefit of sober living that many people who are active alcoholics or addicts lost along the lines. All cornerstone residents are given the necessary resources and knowledge to function successfully without the need for drugs and alcohol. They become productive members of society who all have a unique and important place in the world.

Addiction treatment can set you on the pathway to sobriety, but a sober house can keep you on that road. A sober residence can be the transition you need between starting over and staying sober.