What Is Sober Living?

Cornerstone Residences are comfortable, safe and structured Sober Living Homes where people in recovery from substance use disorders can live while establishing their personal growth and re-integration back into everyday life. 

Cornerstone Residences are premier, Certified, Sober Living Homes in Northern New Jersey. Each home has been uniquely developed to meet the needs of Individuals who are interested in securing their personal sobriety and growth. 

Addiction is all-encompassing, it affects every aspect of an individual (as well as their family), which is why sober housing has become a preferred alternative to returning home too soon.

All houses are heavily structured around 12-step programing and community integration. They are meant to bridge the gap between addiction treatment transition to Halfway Housing, or returning home.

The structure and support that is provided by Cornerstone helps individuals who are new to recovery remain sober and assist in the maintenance of sobriety as their top priority.

All residents are required to participate in Outpatient Treatment and 12-step meetings.

Each Cornerstone home offers different amenities that best suit the needs of the individual. Most offer private or shared rooms, community meals, shared housekeeping tasks, recreational facilities, and laundry facilities. Please read about each location and the amenities offered. 

Sober housing isn’t meant to be a permanent living situation, but rather a temporary transition period that allows people in recovery to find a balance between their new lives and sobriety.