12 Step Immersion

Cornerstone Residence fosters a 12-step immersion process to combat chemical dependency. We believe that in order to truly recover from alcoholism or drug addiction, you must immerse yourself in a sober, structured way of life. It is our belief that many individuals that have been unable to stay sober, missed this vital step in their recovery. We believe that individuals must recreate their lives through the guiding principles of the 12 steps.


Cornerstone believes that addiction is a disease of the mind, body and spirit and that the most effective approach to addressing each of these aspects is by engaging in 12-Step Work immediately. This theory has been supported by millions of experiences from alcoholics and addicts throughout history. Cornerstone’s main goal is to help a resident achieve freedom from their disease. Our immersion program consists of strong encouragement to obtain 12-step sponsorship within the local community. By accompanying residents to meetings each evening our Behavioral Health Technicians (who are also in recovery) assist clients with obtaining sponsorship through a local member of a 12-Step Program. Each sponsor is granted the privilege to meet with residents at the sober house at every opportunity available to them. Diving into step work immediately greatly enhances the success rates of each client.  

Immersion into a 12-Step fellowship fosters a lot of personal growth for a client. But it also allows the client to become comfortable in his/her chosen fellowship before moving out of Sober Living.

The goal at Cornerstone is to assist in developing a solid foundation for recovery – to assist with finding and addressing the loopholes and trapdoors into which recovering addicts so easily fall.